Feedback From Some of Our Clients

Until I walked into Heather Dale’s office, I had no clue that I was in an abusive relationship, let alone the monumental and emotional task ahead. Heather Dale and her team were there, step-by-step, to help navigate the courts and regain control of my life, family and finances. I simply could not have done this without her calm guidance and down-to-earth wisdom.
David Horemans
Dealing with legal matters is never fun and normally quite stressful. Luckily for me, Heather and her team provided excellent service, advice, and managed to take the stress away when I turned to them for help in resolving my legal issues. They were very responsive, guided me during each and every step, and managed to help attain what was likely the fairest outcome for all parties involved. I will certainly be turning to Heather and her team in the future should the need arise again!
Esteban Kello
Both drafted and finalized a cohabitation agreement for my partner and I in quite a quick manner. Made sure to go over everything in the agreement so I understood, and recommended us legal representation for my partner to finish this up.
Aunika Stark-Kelly
Heather Dale Law assisted with an application for custody of a child who was in the care of the Ministry for Children and Families. The Judge approved the application and the child is now in the permanent custody of his great uncle.
Heiltsuk Tribal Council
I can not thank you enough for all the help I received from Heather Dale Law Offices. My legal issues seemed hopeless and I could not even begin to imagine that I would get any outcome from it, let alone a positive one. Heather Dale Law Offices never let me down. Everyone worked so hard and day and night to collect all the information and presenting it in court. Whenever I was feeling down I was always encouraged to keep being strong and have faith. I had never encountered any legal issues before and had no idea what to expect. Without their guidance and hard work none of it would have been possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.
Sarah Singh
I would highly recommend Heather and her team at Heather Dale Law Offices. Heather is empathetic and cares about resolving her clients issues as efficiently as possible. She has excellent communication skills, she is assertive and makes sure her clients are heard and their opinions are valued. Family law matters can be complex and Heather has excellent analytical skills, is very knowledgeable about the law, researches extensively and uses creative problem solving skills to resolve your issues. Heather works tirelessly! Heather and her team supported and guided me through my divorce process; which was the most difficult challenge I had faced, with compassion and a fervent dedication to my family’s best interests. Thank you so much, I can never express my gratitude.
Nicole Allison
I have and will continue to recommend Heather Dale; she is an excellent divorce lawyer. She provided me with exceptional professional straightforward advice during a very stressful time. Heather was very knowledgeable, and diplomatic and showed great resolve in my divorce.
A Happy Client
Heather helped me with a family dispute and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for assistance with family law. Her experience and expertise was very helpful in quickly coming up with the right approach, which primarily focused on what is best for the child. Being able to quickly come up to speed as to the complexity of the issues, she somehow always said “there is a case like this…”, and would in no time be able to refer to the previous rulings. This level of experience is a key in being able to diffuse and resolve the issues, providing a solid legal background to all claims. Her ethics, integrity and experience is something you hope to never need, but when you do, it is bar-none.
Marko Sarunac