Family Law Services

Heather Dale and her team have the expertise with respect to all areas of family law, including: asset division, child and spousal support, and custody and guardianship. Our approach is to find the most beneficial and cost-effective resolution.


A good divorce lawyer keeps you out of court wherever possible, however, if you cannot settle your problems by agreement, as experienced litigators, we can put that skill to work for you in the court room to achieve your best possible result.


Whether you are married or common-law, your separation triggers numerous important legalities. You need to know these, even BEFORE separation if possible.


In most cases, family property and family debts are divided equally. However, determining what is and is not family property and its value is NOT always straight-forward.


Upon or even before separation, parents should reach agreements regarding future parenting arrangements. Otherwise, the court decides what is in your child’s best interests.


Most people understand that parents are legally obliged to support their children, but complexities can arise regarding INCOME DETERMINATION, “SPECIAL EXPENSES” and SUPPORT FOR ADULT CHILDREN.


SPOUSAL SUPPORT IS NOT AUTOMATIC; many factors are considered in determining if a recipient is entitled. Then there is the question of the income of both parties, which is not necessarily the income on the party’s tax return.


Settlement out of court is almost always the preferred resolution to your family law problems. Before you can make an informed decision about any settlement, you must be very clear about the law as it applies to your case.


Heather Dale is an accredited family law mediator and can assist you to solve your divorce or separation issues WITHOUT EVER GOING TO COURT.


The best way to AVOID FUTURE DISPUTES is to have strong agreements in place, including: prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements and separation agreements.